Our Philosophy Towards Plastics

Here at HEXXEE we believe in helping the world we live in and doing all that we can to ensure that we are not contributing towards the planets battle with plastics. We are all health conscious athletes at HEXXEE and already take our own measures to ensure we have a positive impact on the environment- so we've implemented the same measures into our business.

We now use 100% biodegradable packaging!
The amount of plastic wastage left behind by some companies is quite frankly scary in todays world. So we at HEXXEE have gone out of our way to do things right from Day 1. We firstly use recyclable card to wrap our socks, then the socks are sent in fully biodegradable zip lock bags- leaving no footprint at all!

Our new clothing range also benefits the environment. Our Clothing is made from 85% Organic ringspun combed cotton and 15% recycled polyester.