Kim French x HEXXEE

Rainbow Leopard

Kim French x HEXXEE

Rainbow Leopard

15,99 €
15,99 €

Rainbow Leopard

Leopard prints have been one of our all-time best sellers since the start, and this colourway is certainly one to add to your collection! A unique rainbow leopard that will certainly catch some attention.

What makes Kim French x HEXXEE socks unrivalled:

  • SUPREME PROTECTION - Our socks have built-in arch

    support with plush cushioning at the ankle and forefoot to help absorb impact, thus preventing injury.
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - Enhanced airflow for improved breathability, with a snug secure fit designed specifically to the shape of your foot.
  • EXPERIENCE THE LUXURY - Enjoy the comfort of our deluxe cotton blend against your skin. Socks are designed with four-yarn terry loops to create a supremely soft and supportive athletic sock.
  • CIRCULATION BENEFITS - 15 mmHg compression level socks, which set the standard for proper circulation.

70% Dry fit Polyester, 25% Cotton and 5% Elastane

A single pair of Kim French x HEXXEE socks have the ability to last for two years or longer when looked after and washed correctly. We recommend a machine wash in cold water no warmer than 30 degrees, or most preferred is a hand-wash in cold water to achieve the best results.

Socks can be pre-treated with fabric softener and stain remover but NOT bleach or boil, as this will damage your socks.

We recommend hang drying your socks.

Wir versenden alle unsere Produkte aus unseren Lagern in England. Wir sind IOSS-registriert, so dass wir (HEXXEE) die Steuer + Kundengebühren zahlen, so dass du als Kunde nicht mehr als deinen Kaufpreis zahlst. Wenn du irgendwelche Probleme oder weitere Fragen hast, dann email uns bitte und wir werden dir helfen.



Die Standardlieferung enthält KEINE Tracking-Informationen.

Der Expressversand beinhaltet die Tracking-Informationen. Um zu vermeiden, dass ein Paket verloren geht (menschliches Versagen und wir tragen die Konsequenzen), empfehlen wir dir, den Expressversand zu wählen.


Standardversand (7 bis 10 Werktage) 5,99 €.

Standardversand (7 bis 10 Werktage) 6,99 €.


Express-Lieferung (4 bis 6 Werktage) 5,99 €.

Express-Lieferung (4 bis 6 Werktage) 9,99 €.

Super-Express-Lieferung (2-3 Werktage) 24,99 €.

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